Friday, 1 October 2010

Barbara Streisand.

Love the song.
Love the video.
Love the cameos.
Love duck sauce..." sauce *Homer Simpson drool*".
Oh and the other Duck know....those DJ guys....especially Armand....House for dayyysssss ;P

In related news, Barbara Streisand is now a robot.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Smoother than a tub o' Haagen Daaz..

Tres Chic
Pronounced Trey [as in Songz] and Sheek [as in Louch]


Ohhhh the wonderful music, the silky outfits, the cinematography...this advert is *mwah*kisses fingers like a sleazy Italian guy*

Music Picks: Kylie Minogue 'Get Outta My Way'

I saw this video the other day and thought to myself, "...Hmmm...Kylie's still doing her thing". Considering that Lady Gaga has taken over the dancey-euro-pop-box it's quite hard for people to release music/videos without looking a sort of lacklustre in comparison to Gaga's material. However, when watching this video, it felt nice to know that even though Kylie hasn't done anything that different with her music....or hair...or clothes...I feel that she can still hold her own. A lot of female Pop artists have tried to take on a few Gaga-like clothes etc but Kylie proves it's best to just stay in your lane and do you....

The song is cute, she looks good considering all the drama she's been through and I love videos that use lots of light effects....check JayZ 'Jigga What Jigga Who'...dunno why but that first sprang to my mind LOL!

Oh and watch out for her lighty-uppy gloves...which I love.....and the rope chain dress.....very nice...reminds me of Beyonce but whatever :)

Major Lazer x Carnival 2010 Memories....the sun has officially left tha building!!

 (All photos by FlyGirl_JoJo except where noted)
The obligatory 'one foot in' photo of the kicks we knew were in for a beating...

Neon nails and Neon wristbands (Photo taken using my waste-ass iPhone 3 on stupid iOS4 that slowed tha thang down....ahem...too much info..sorry.)

This was around 1-2pm so we still looked fresh....oh how it all changed by the time it got to Rodigan and Major Lazer which was hours later....

Keepin' the some of the crowd

This guy well and truly stole our shine.....he was SICK!!!Although he was about sixty+ years old he spent most of the day dancing on his head or jumping around with people on his back!?!?!(Photo by AymenTV)


Nails'By'Me (Photo by Quincey Thinks)

The day was a lot of crazy fun from start to finish!! The best part is that all of this fun was FREE!!!! Free entry [even though all the tickets sold out in 1 MINUTE, FlyGirlJoJo got Diplo to put us on his guestlist haha which was very nice of him to do for us indeed;)] free/unlimited drinks and food [which by the way was choooong....their potato and bean salad was on point...]! Free Free FREEEEE!!Oh and I got a free T-Shirt which, if you watched the videos, were being printed backstage during the day so it was like a sweatshop behind the decks and a sweatbox in front of 'em! I got a free vinyl but someone took it ....dahwell!!! Anyways, BIG THANKS to Diplo and the Red Bull Music Academy! And to all the DJs on the day who made the freeness even sweeter...this was the line up....

Douster - Electrinic carnival vibes to welcome everybody as the doors opened
Sticky - Lots of old skool garage that made us sweat our hair out way too early haha
Poirier - They played soca....and everybody knows how energetic soca is so this set got the blood pumping and every mouth gasping for air
Drop The Lime - Dropped a rockabilly set on an unsuspecting crowd which quickly turned into a party scene from Happy Days! Luca was our Fonzie!
Joker - Dubstep madness!!! Lots of pogo stick jumping from the crowd
Rodigan - Reggae, jungle and more vibes that were seriously crazy...especially when he dropped Newham Generals!
Major Lazer - Diplo, Switch, Skerrit Bwoy and dancers who climbed on everything and everyone to miami bass drums, house, dancehall and dubstep choooons

Now, there are loaaaads of videos of the day but I think these are the best ones.....

First up. here's a nice lil video to the song of Carnival 2010 Katy B 'On a Mission'....oh and you may spot our crew dancing in the usual :)

This is the official video of the day showing all the carnival-goers, the DJs backstage and the venue in all it's colourful glory!!

Here is a clip from David Rodigan's set....this man dances more than he DJs! He never stands still!! This video best captures the carnival vibes without the slick transitions and editing...just raw vibes ;)


Then straight after eight hours of that madness we ventured back out on to the absolutely wrecked streets of Notting Hill....I can't stand litter so trying to tiptoe around smelly mass mountains of trash is always fun :)

Here comes Diplo....

...then we went to The Count and Sinden Carnival afterparty for about two pounds LOL!! Yep another good deal haha! It had already started way before we got there but we did get to hear sets from A-Trak, Jamie XX, Martelo and Bashy .....we met Luca aka Drop The Lime too who was really cool...

....after all  of that, we left and went to the chicken shop...and that's where the party our mouths ;D

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Finders', Keepers.Losers' girl with good taste and a bad memory?

Last week, I had this mad craving for a cheap looking arcade machine ring. I couldn't find one so I gave up. THEN...this happened....

While I was at the Major Lazer carnival party, I found, what I have now named, 'THE heart of glass' ring!!! Sparkling like that piece of ice the old lady found on the Titanic. Yeaaaaa mayn!! My knuckles is all FROZE and heavy from tha GLOW!!!LOL!
It was with another equally nice ring that some forgetful girl with GREAT TASTE left...but I left that other ring there for some other girl to claim coz it wasn't what I have been looking for and I felt like I would've been greedy to take it haha! For a second, I asked myself, "Did I just steal?", because I never even steal cookies at the self service counter [like every person in Central London!]. However, I didn't feel at all's not like there's a 'Lost and Found' shelf at the Carnival, is there!?!?!

I mean, look at it this way, I was among what seemed like hundreds and thousands of scenesters so if I didn't go home with it someone ELSE would have!!

I wasn't letting Miss 'I work for this really cool Fashion PR company that pelts me with freebies 24/7 just coz they are, like, so cool' take MY [someone elses] ring!!!!!!!!!!! Finders' keepers, losers' weepers as they say...[bit harsh, but hey, I didn't coin the phrase lol!]

When stuff like this happens.....IT'S NICE*BoratVoice*

Here are a number of photos, angles to capture the ring is it's full crystallic glory, my new baby lion ring and my new steel drum looking ring.....they've all added a lil Carnival flavour to my hands...[oohhh gosh this post took tooo long to load so I gotta do the FULL carnival post tomorrow...promise...promeeesss!!!]

If this is your ring....girrrrl....I'm sorry but I am sure God will leave a lovely piece of jewellery some where for you ;) xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Major Lazer Carnival 2010 Photos Again


FlygirlJoJo giving Skerrit Boy on stage mid performance! He told her the day before that he actually wanted to arrive on stage with Major Lazer on her back .....funny guy!

There's hundreds of pics on facebook so I am trailing through them slowwwwlyyy.....more and videos of all the DJs set to come so sit tight!!!

Chromeo Lovin' Oh oh O-oh!


A month or so back, [summer has been a haze], I was eating a HUGEEE roast dinner when I got a phone call saying someone had an extra ticket for Chromeo's show at the CAMP in East London! I was literally wheezing from the amount of food I had but I got myself ready QUICK- I wasn't missing Chromeo because of a chicken leg!!! 

Of course, it was sick as usual [it was my 2nd time seeing them], the girls were loving it....and the grown men were even more enthusiastic than normal. It's quite funny actually - the sight of men at least 30yrs and above clambering to get to the front of the show like groupies haha!!!

Here are some memories...[my iphone has the worst video quality so bear with it]

Pic courtesy of Laura Lakam Photography

Later on we met jammed with Dave1 and P-Thugg [who remembered us from their last show....maybe it's coz we are always dolled up in trashy gold ghetto earrings lol] and went to the afterparty which was really fun! They asked US to take a picture so they could post it on their twitter.....and we were like 'errrrr OF COURSE we will take a pic'!?!?!Eighties funk and disco dancing went on til everyone went home...except for us, the DJs, the bar staff and P-Thugg LOL!

Oh and randomly, weeks later......our all singing all dancing diva-extraordinaire, Fatima, showed us this flyer and was like 'Hey look who it is.....'

....a photographer had used a picture of us from the Chromeo gig for their exhibition flyer! Nice!

Can't wait til next time guys!!!

Guilty Pleasure

Dear Brain,

I have become a fan of Disney Channel's Sonny With A Chance.


I blame my little brother.

Major Lazer Soundsystem x Notting Hill Carnival 2010

More photos, videos and general chit chat soon!!All these pics are courtesy of Miss FlygirlJoJo

[Miss Rinnie, Diplo filming us taking pics with him!??!, Me and Jodie-Si-Mouse]
[Miss Rinnie, Hannikinz, Amz, Me and Kezia!]
[SceneHeads and Co under the most colourful bridge ever!]


Way back in the 90's, three Californian girls named Monifa, Kenya, and Stephanie formed an R'n'B group and released the quiet storm hit, 'He's Mine'.

I bet if you play the video below you will recognise the song but will you remember the name of the group....

Bet you're thinking it was something cheesy like...

LA Girlz?

Da Angels?

3rd Tymz Da Charm?

It was Mokenstef.

WHAT THE!?!? Sounds like they took that piece of paper outta the trash can marked 'Possible Group Names for an all white band from Germany whose influences include 2Unlimited and NWA'.

No relevance needed.

Drunks O'Clock

I was on my way to watch Inception for the SECOND time [LOVE IT] a few weeks back and as I was topping up my oyster card at my station, my eyes wondered along the pavement and I saw this....

The dude in black is unconscious and his friend in red was joining him in what he thinks is a 'nap'. I call it death. The other bums were trying to sell me tickets. Then I thought, "...maybe they take it in turns to do each others ticket selling shifts...".


Or Maybe the dude in black was being incepted and the guy in red needed to wake him up for their next mission to dismantle plans to PPPFFTTTTT AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.....I can't even finish the sentence....oh gosh...I am such a loner at times.

*Woooo Jarhead is on TV!!! Type'n'watch, people, type'n'watch!!!*

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Two Hoodrats and One musical hell

I had to do a post on the YouTube hit, 'It's So Cold in The D'.....long overdue but I already started writing it up a while ago lol!

OKAY...some hood looking chick from the D (Detroit, Michigan) released a tribute song about a friend who was murdered - you get the picture......the rest is viral history!!!

T-Baby 'It's So Cold in the D'

  • The fact that she was willing to embarass herself just to make this tribute song

  • The 90's vibe of the beat and the hand gestures/dances are all reminiscent of a, dare I say it, erm SWV/Aaliyah videee...oooo?? No?...Or was that just me who felt that? Moving on....

  • She can't even double up her OWN vocals in time?!?!Her adlibs and ev-er-y-thing are just all over the place.It sounds like two people trying to rap along to a Twista song at a karaoke night....but they are not in the same time zones.

  • Her shocking disregard for 1) her skin against THAT hair colour, 2) rhythm 3) English grammar ["It's so caaaaald in the D! How the $%*& do we s'pose to keep peace..."]  and 4) general decorum. Decorum, daaarling. Decorum. YES, your loved one died but do you have to swear so much?!?!? And stay IN TIME! The least you can do is let your friend rest in peace....I'd be turning in my grave if anyone EVER used my death as an excuse for this nonsense.

  • The backing dancers/homegirls look like they don't really care who died, [or who their babydaddy is]. They look bored or even slightly annoyed.... like the video took longer than expected and T-Baby was holding them back from their double date at Burger King.
Now, Shardinay.

Shardinay [SMH], Shardinay, Shardinay.
Suprisingly, some people in London STILL haven't seen this video!?!?! Which is crazy to believe seen as her video 'blew up' so quickly when it hit the net that she performed at a club in central London the following week! Even I was going to witness the wackness in full effect! THAT'S how big the Shardinay was in tha endz lol! When I first saw this video I refused to believe it was anything short of a parody video because it was so cringeworthy but as her horrible Mariah s-Carey vocals prove, she REALLY thinks she can sing?!?!

Shardinay ft Mani7esto 'Oh Boy'
PROS AND CONS [I had to combine the two because all the cons were pros and the pros were!]

  • The first 'note' that escapes her mouth

  • The sudden tempo change of the beat is CLASSIC! It sounds like a really bad attempt to emulate an early Destiny's Child track or that the producer was inspired by someone emptying their dishwasher down a flight of stairs. Probably the latter.

  • The rapper Mani7esto's adlibs, weak verse and clothing. Both the Lonsdale and Ecko UNLTD brands are sooooooooo old skool that I bet even the bummiest of bums would find it hard to wear either brand on a cold winter's night. I can just imagine them faced with the dilemma...... "Lonsdale. Ecko. Or die......hmmm."

  • The fact that Mani7esto is spelt with a '7'

  • One of the YouTube comments about Shardinay: "She looks like Diddy Kong's Brother." OUCH.

  • Her 'choreographer' [HAHAHHAHAHA someone actually thought about these dance moves!!] is called Tipsey....the name speaks for itself...

  • The dancer on the left in the pink outfit is apparently pregnant! Now, I don't have stomach abs of steel, [I have healthy rings of jelly ;P] but still!!! Watch closely and judge for yourself....

I could go on all day about Shardinay but the YouTube comments do that for me! Me and the guys at work even made our own parody of the video and played the song at our store so you can imagine how much fun I have been making outta this....

"HHhooooOOOOOOOH BOYYYYYYYYYY!!! My singing's kinda weak....wait, wrong key..."

N.ever A.round S.orry A.gain

Shoot a rocket out my nose and call me NASA!!! The Notting Hill Carnival x Major Lazer Party put me in SUCH an energetic mood I gotta do a MAJOR post on it!!!!! But first, I'm going to do more posts in one night than I have ever done should make up for lost time...I hope.
Now for some post-carnival vibes in the key of dubstep ;P.....enjoy...

We have lift off...

Friday, 13 August 2010

You? Fantasy?.....No thanks, Bashy. I like Daydreams better.

I was going to write hundreds of posts today but I have just finished doing my hair and I've got 5hrs before I have to get up for work.

I haven't written much recently because it's all been in my head while I'm staring into the ceiling at work and floats away when I sit down to type! I have been doing full time hours for the past few weeks and .....erm ....WOW.....I am soooooooo GLAD I never signed a full time contract!!! Sleep deprivation, much? Someone ask me when I last watched EastEnders......I haven't watched my fave soap in.....ahem...a WEEK and a HALF!!!!!SHOCK HORROR....that's about 4hours catch up I have to do before over the next two days before the new episode on Monday!!!

I got loads to say but for now I gotta just talk about today....

I saw this video and instantly started laughing...I hate to do this because I don't think bashy is a bad artist but really.....WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?!??!? His new music video for 'Fantasy' [which completely MURDERS one of my favourite 90's songs as a lil 'un, Baby D's 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy']  is straight up cheese on bread. The stills of the video on youtube made me laugh but I thought,' maybe they just caught it at a bad angle' ....


Then I watched the video [in silence because I was supposed to be working in the office].

After two minutes, I had to stop watching it......I was trying to hold in the laughter SO MUCH that I was literally sweating and losing my breath ....somehow the humour was heightened by the confused looks I was getting and it all became even more funny. Why was I finding this so funny....I know I find the humour in most cheaply made videos but this one actually had me questioning my juvenile it because he is what we consider a 'rapper from the streets' all 'Castaway' and bare foot in the sand like some toddler at brighton beach? Is it because he is all washed both senses?? Or is it because his video looks like it's jacking this dude's steez.....

ALL I gotta say 'bout you GO COMPARE your life bruv!!!! When your music video starts to look like an insurance is .....a time to reflect.
 [And that,folks, is putting it nicely.....the sentence I wrote before REALLY boyed it....and I actually like what Bashy is doing with his life with his acting and that so I ain't gonna do him like was V.FUNNY though....].

It's now 4am....why am I still on I have 4hrs worth of sleep to bang out....

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Radio 1xtra really have been entertaining me these past few days with their UKG Takeover Week, playing all of the classic UK Garage tunes from yesteryear. Yesteryear. Damn. Can you believe those UKG days were a good DECADE ago!!!! Everytime I hear UKG it feels like it was only yesterday that I was wearing my tie 'too short' and passing notes in the classroom whilst drinking Panda Pops when the teacher's back was turned :). This song in particular gives me butterflies....the feeling of nostalgia when I hear this song is ridiculous -  it reminds me of the summer when I left behind all my Junior school and Playscheme friends. It was the best and saddest summer holiday ever.....

[I couldn't post the original video but click here to watch it! Cheesy 90's computer graphics at its finest!]

This song also reminds me of my last school disco with all the boys sliding across the floor on their knees.....remember the Latin Explosion....I know I do....*facepalm*smh*.....I picked this video over the original because I can't stand Ricky Martin's overly-unbuttoned shirts....

Oh gosh....I've just come across more classics!! Okay, I'm going to overload you guys with a few more of my favourite musical memories from my childhood haha.....